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Detonate To Dominate in Blockoomz

Blockoomz! is a block puzzle game that will have you blowing things up in order to win. Your objective is to clear bombs and other objects placed strategically in each level. While the mechanics involved in the game seem simple, the main challenge lies is getting the least number of turns taken in order to clear the level. Doing so will result to higher scores and a golden star award.

If looks can kill, then these certainly can not

Staying true to the theme of a block game, the makers of Blockoomz! opted to use – you guessed it, block-shaped bombs. Each bomb is colorful and even has different faces and expressions. While it does not bother us that the bombs are shaped into blocks and have different colors – do they really need to have faces? It does look amusing seeing the block expressions when they start to fall off a ledge, still the game’s visuals look like they were designed for toddlers in mind. Other objects, such as stars, wooden blocks and even clown blocks - yes, you read that correctly, are also seen and play some role in Blockoomz gameplay.

While the games visuals are simple and cute, the way the objects tumble and get tossed around due to the explosions are very well done. Despite the game’s graphics using flat, two dimensional objects, the way the blocks and other objects move are at least believable.

Blocks go BOOM!

The sound and music in Blockoomz! matches the game’s colorful and childish visuals really well. The game offers very little in terms of sound effects, an explosion and a simple indication sound are pretty much all you can hear through out the game. One lonesome soundtrack is all we are indulged with as well in terms of background music. The choice of composition for the music did not really appeal to us - it sounds like something from a children’s day care center – which we guess fits the games kiddy theme. Still, we found ourselves getting sleepy just from listening to it. In certain cases that the player can not stand the games composed lullaby anymore, an option to turn it off is present in the upper-right corner of the screen.

We really felt that more could have been done in the sound aspect of the game, some screaming from the falling blocks or some sliding sound effects when blocks slide down on ledges would have given the game a more immersive and enjoyable feel. Hopefully, if the developer of Blockoomz decides to make a sequel, they would take more time in providing a more upbeat tune and add some much needed sound effects to the game.

Cutting the Red Wire

In Blockoomz!, your objective is to clear the levels of bombs, clown blocks and wooden blocks. Some levels have a star placed precariously in harms way, which players must avoid pushing off the ledges. Solving the puzzle and thinking of a way to meet your objective with the least amount of turns awards the player with more points and a gold star award. You mainly use the force created by the exploding bombs to push other objects to hit your target blocks to get them to topple down or slide off platforms. In some cases, players must use the force of the explosion of one bomb to elevate another bomb so that the force from the second bomb reaches another block placed on a high platform.

The games puzzle elements are a bit lacking if you compare it to other games in the genre. A lot of the levels do not have much variety in terms of gameplay. Most of the stages have only one solution and these are automatically the best choice – bagging the player the gold star award instantly. The games simplicity took away much of the games potential in terms of providing a decent challenge for puzzle-game enthusiasts.

We know that there are people who just play games for the sheer fun of it and would rather just have a quick game or two – in which case Blockoomz! fits the bill quite nicely, than to play a game that eats away hours of their lives. While Blockoomz is fun, it offers very little in keeping people from finishing it and then moving on to other games. With only twenty-one stages to complete, puzzle-game veterans and even novice players will breeze through the game in minutes. Adding a level creator to the game would have boosted its replay value tremendously, especially if they added an option to upload people’s created stages online.  

The game does offer a kind of online leader board where players around the world can post their high scores. This might be a great idea if the game’s gameplay actually offered a bit more variety and challenge. With so few choices to make in clearing each level, people are just going to be tied in terms of scores since all of them are doing the same steps in clearing game. A variety of meaningful ways to finish each level and more toughness in terms of reaching one of the solutions would therefore be very much welcomed.

What saves Blockoomz from making it a total ‘complete it with your eyes closed’ title is there are a few - and we do mean few, stages that offer a bit of a challenge that some people might not be able to beat with two or three steps.

Results of the Explosion

We have said a lot of things about Blockoomz! Shortcomings in this review that would make it seem that we did not enjoy the game. That is actually the opposite of what we feel. The game had a lot of untapped potential and could have been a great block-puzzle game if the developers gave it more time and effort. It’s completion felt a bit rushed.

A lot of puzzle elements in certain levels were totally neglected or were forgotten later on. Things like the rubber floor and balance platforms could have been used to make more levels challenging or better yet, make more stages available. Still, the game was fun whilst it lasted and hopes of a better sequel are alive for this block-puzzle game just in case the developer decides to continue the series. We give Blockoomz! a small exploding firecracker score of 77/100.

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