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Blockland is the ultimate mulitplayer physics block game online and combines everything that the free games have to offer on on our site with a 3D environment and a whole lot more.

  • Build huge towers and skyscrapers from scratch out of blocks
  • Smash down buildings at will
  • Shoot and kill other players
  • Evolving multiplayer world with great fan input
  • Download a trial version or read our review below
blockland game car battle blockland game blowing up buildings

More about the Blockiest Land in the World

For generations, people have played with various building blocks from nursery building blocks to Lego. On the other hand, millions of people play a variety of different games on the PC, yet until now, the two had not been successfully combined. is a game that brings these two popular pastimes together. In this Blockland review, we will explore what exactly is, and why it is becoming increasingly popular and has over 25,000 members.

When you download and open the game, the best way to get equipped with it is to play the tutorial. This tutorial is comprehensive and will take you through everything you need to know, before you actually proceed with anything significant.

After you have passed through the tutorial, make sure you go to the options screen. On the options screen you can change your avatar options and set your game to the most desirable setting, which is good because not all computers can run the higher settings quickly and effectively.


Before thinking about buying the game make sure you play the demo by downloading the trial version using the links above. The demo will allow you to get to grips with the game before deciding whether to go ahead. The important thing to remember about this game is while there is a $20 fee this is much less than you would pay for a new game in the shops, therefore, this 'fee' should not put you off playing the game. This is a onetime fee with no monthly subscriptions like most of the other MMOPG's.

About The Game

Blockland was developed by Eric Hartman and Ben Garney and was released in February 2007. The game was built on a torque engine system which allows the game to remain simple with its graphical interface, but has not taken anything away from its playability and more importantly its ability to be edited.

Currently, reports say that around 25,000 people that have bought the software in its four year spell; however, when Eric Hartman was contacted in the early stages of the game he said that 20,000 people had downloaded the game in a short space of ten days. If this is true then this suggests that since then only 5,000 people have downloaded the software, which sounds conflicting.

If you play the multiplayer mode then you should expect to get about 100 people playing the game in 'off-peak' hours, and at peak times this figure will rise to about 500 players.

blockland game: shooter

The game was originally developed just to be a building blocks game, however, as time has gone on (mostly due to other players) the game has turned into a shooter game.

Game Play

The whole point of the game is to build and modify structures on either the single or multi player game. Of course, this is not where it ends, there are plenty of other things you can do like modify your structures with various effects, control vehicles, destroy structures with weapons, swim, fly and even paint.

blockland game building smashing with an aeroplane

There is also a thorough mini-game system which is available to all players. The system allows you to create mini games in your world. This allows all the people that visit your world to play the mini games.


Here are some excellent videos to watch...

Most people say that the 'best thing' you can do on the game is to create a server and host your own mini world. When you do this you can have up to 32 other players visit your world. These players can then play mini games, build structures, or even just socialise on the chat system. You do not need to pay any money to host either a standard sever or a dedicated server(which can hold more than 32 players), but the dedicated server takes up more space, and will require a much better internet connection and operating system.

The game can be changed around to allow slower operating systems a chance to play the game without any lag. While the graphical interface may be simple, hosting a game with another 30 other players on a basic operating system will not run without speed issues, therefore, you should lower the graphic, texture, particle, shadow, lighting and physics quality to increase your speed.

blockland game demo version

The Demo

The demo version of the game allows you to use up to 150 bricks at one time. The demo shows you most of the features that the game has to offer but not all of them. It is essential that you do not base the game solely on the demo, and watch some of the videos on the website and read this full guide to understand more about the game. In the demo you cannot play online games, therefore, you are limited to single player games, and as most people say the multiplayer games are what make the game different from others, so you cannot really judge anything until you play the full version of the game.


The developers of the Blockland game have made plenty of modifications to the game since it was first released back in 2007, in fact, at the moment the game is on its 19th version. The game clearly values players input, as all players can write add-ons for the game and share their developments with other players. If you do not know how to do this and it is something you would like to do, then you can look at other people's developments and evaluate how to develop new blocks or change the layout of a level completely.

It is completely legal to modify the software and you can create/edit just about anything, however, it is not easy to modify entire levels and some programming experience is needed. You will need to know the scripting language and some other information to edit the software, however, on the website is a forum where players can post various tips for newer players.

Due to the amount of people that are developing both new levels and different modifications the game has taken a different 'twist' on the multiplayer mode. Players have developed the ability to kill other players and destroy their buildings; therefore, if your child is interested in playing, you should take a look at the multiplayer mode or ban them from playing the multiplayer mode.

Game Controls

The game is controlled with both the mouse and the keyboard. The keyboard controls your physical movements and the mouse controls your peripheral vision.

Keyboard Controls
  • Character/Vehicle Movement - Controlled with the WASD keys.
  • Jump - Spacebar
  • Crouch/Dive - Left Shift
  • Brick Screen - B
  • Equip your brick - one through to nine
  • Move the brick around laterally - I K J and L
  • Move the brick around vertically - P ; . or ,
  • Set the brick - Return/enter
  • Turn on light ]
  • Spray your bricks -- E
  • Open chat box - T
Mouse Controls
  • Move mouse around - Move characters vision
  • Lay out a brick/use item - Left mouse click
  • Jetpack - Hold down the right mouse button
  • Choose different items - Scroll mouse wheel

Hints and Tips

As previously mentioned in this review of Blockland the game is full of different secrets, therefore, there are various helpful hints and tips that will ensure that you enjoy the game as much as possible.

How to create a bot

To create a bot press F8 to gain access to the games console and type in:

new AIPlayer(bot) { datablock="LightMaleHumanArmor";; }; To get back to the game press F7.
How to make your bot invisible

Access the console and type: bot.setCloaked(1); to make the bot visible again type: bot.setCloaked(0);.

How to get guns

To access guns you need to be the admin in the game. Press F11 then F4, then go to the bottom right hand corner, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen click on the second item from the top, then select weapons. This will then spawn the weapons that you require.

How to build a wall

To build a wall, go into the console and type: buildwall[number];

How to give your bot a weapon

Access the console and type: bot.mountImage(shotgunImage,0); where the text says shotgun you can change the text for any other weapon on the game. If this weapon runs out of ammo then enter: bot.incInventory(shotgunAmmo,5);.

How to make bots fight each other

Access the console and type:

  • bot.setAimObject(bot2);
  • bot2.setAimObject(bot1);
  • bot.setImageTrigger(0,1);
  • bot2.setImageTrigger(0,1);

This text will make both bots one and two fight each other, to change what bots fight each other change the number in the text.

How to make your bot fight another player

Access the console and type:

  • bot.setAimObject([player's null number]);
  • bot.setImageTrigger(0,1);
Destroy your bots

To destroy the bots that you have created access the console and type:

  • bot.kill();
  • bot2.kill();
Make a bot move randomly:

Access the console and type:


How to exit different rooms

To exit any pre-set stage, get in a flying vehicle and fly toward a window. Just before you hit the window press right and you will fly right through the scene, however, you need to time this just right otherwise it will not work, if it does not work there is a good chance that you will die due to the impact.

How to Move quickly

Moving your character around on the game can be frustrating because it is slow on big levels, however, to move your character around quickly press F8 to access the camera mode, then move the camera to the position you would like your character to be, then press F7 and your character will be dropped to that area.

blockland game exit the bedroom
Exit the Bedroom

To exit the bedroom you can break the glass on any window. There are two ways to do this, either jet into the window to try to smash it, or you can fire cannon bullets at the window and this should break the glass.

blockland game exit the kitchen
Exit the Kitchen

To exit the kitchen, find the table. Once you are at the table look at the counter top, then walk over to the corner next to the wall and you will see a small gap, walk through the gap and go up the stairs. Once you solve the small maze you will end up in the refrigerator.

No Damage

To make sure your character is 100% safe, go to advance coffing in the settings, on the eighth line it will say falling damage and there will be a checkable box next to it, un-check the box and this will stop you from dying, regardless of the height you fall from.

Bedroom Secrets

The bedroom level has plenty of 'secrets' that can be found. Check behind the bed, there is a gap there that you can use for additional building space. There is also a lamp in the bedroom, if you position your character on the bulb and fly up and drop down then you will smash the bulb.

Outside the bedroom (via the window) there is a big tree; by this tree there is a hole which leads to an underground path. If you use the camera mode you can get into the mattress, when in the mattress there are a few 'additional' areas that you can access.

There is no doubt that with the ability to edit the software the game becomes more of a learning experience rather than just a game, but having the ability to control the game as you play it and learn new bits of information makes the game somewhat liberating and different from other games. Therefore, it is a must play for all different types of gamers.


Blockland is not one of your 'ordinary' MMOPG games; however, it offers something different that will appeal to plenty of PC gamers. For just $20 you can get the 'full' package with a huge amount of add-ons, and this makes some other games look rather amateur in comparison.

  • Graphics - 7/10: The graphics in this game were never going to be 'world beating' because of how it was developed, however, this game does not need to have top-of-the-range graphics; therefore, the ones on offer are entirely suitable.
  • Playability - 8/10: In terms of both online and offline playability, Blockland is almost unmatched. Due to other people's developments, the game has built up plenty of different 'modes' that you can play, therefore, it has terrific longevity as well as great playability.
  • Originality - 9/10: When this game was released to the market there was nothing even remotely close. Now there are a few 'copycat' games available, some by bigger developers and a few by small developers. In terms of originality, Blockland is unmatched because it was the first 'big' block building game to hit the market.
  • Game Depth - 9/10: Due to the amount of new features that are added regularly, Blockland is a game with terrific depth. There are plenty of levels that you can explore and lots of new add-ons, which keep the game both fresh and exciting.
  • Addictiveness - 9/10: Due to the amount of different features on the game it is second to none in terms of addictiveness. While many will enjoy building extravagant structures on the single player mode, lots of people will enjoy the multiplayer mode, and find this the most addictive out of the two.
  • Value for Money - 10/10: When people see a subscription charge attached to a MMOPG they often think that they are being ripped off in one way or another. However, the $20 fee attached to Blockland is a onetime fee; therefore, you do not need to pay $5 a month or whatever price is being charged by other MMOPG games. Think about it this way, you would pay $20 for a regular game of this calibre, therefore, why would you not pay $20 for this game, as there are no catches.

Overall Rating: 90%

The only section where this game falls down slightly is the quality of the graphics, but, as previously mentioned, the game does not need stunning visuals because it is one of those games that has such a powerful addictiveness level, therefore, the Blockland game is a must buy for all serious gamers.

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