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About Blockage

Blockage game is a free online flash puzzler, which has got gamers thinking differently in general. The game is a fun and simple puzzle with quaint graphics and a good dose of strategy to work out even the most out-of-shape brain. This 20 level exercise in diversion was designed by Guilhermo v.S. Heldt and the soothing soundtrack is the work of J. Collings.

The goal of Blockage is straight-forward. Get the coloured block from the beginning point to the sparkling like-coloured box at a different spot in the screen, it has some similarity to sticky blocks in it's overall goal. As there are many different blocks in play as the game progresses, the coloured block must land on the same coloured sparkling block to turn into solid. Strategy is the main focus of the game, and there is a very convenient restart button that just may get worn out while you are playing, but all in all, the game offers a great brain workout for any gamer looking to kill some time.

Blockages controls may be a bit cumbersome at first, but they do grow on the player and end up being second nature after just a few levels. The selection of a block is done with a mouse-click. Once selected, the block is then "rolled" right or left by the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The spacebar is a handy item to be familiar with because it solidifies blocks. Without this function, all coloured blocks act as "ghost" blocks, meaning any other block can pass right through them. However, one tap of the spacebar and that block turns grey and becomes solid. This also means the block cannot be moved, so it is important to be sure that a solid block is what is needed. Additionally, as a type of "wild card" feature, white blocks can be moved but are also solid. Throwing a spanner in the works, however, the white block cannot pass through coloured blocks. A feature in the later levels is "painting" spaces which is the addition of sparkling puddles, where blocks can switch colours.

For additional assistance, the game features helpful hints just below where the game area is situated. The Blockage game is an entertaining flash game by Guilhermo v.S. Heldt and captures the mind of the gamer and entices them with seemingly impossible layouts. Without a doubt, this game will have you scratching your head, or kicking the wall, but ultimately it is one of the most rewarding block flash games available.

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