Destroying Games

Whether you have a craving for destroying buildings with bombs or smashing down block like structures with other blocks this collection of games represents the best available both online and for download. If we were to recommend a starting game to exercise your destructive powers it would be Totem Destroyer 2 as it is quick and simple to play. Here you must destroy all the totems without letting the golden statue fall onto the ground. It is a challenging flash puzzle game that will get you into the swing of destroying things. It is also highly rated on many gaming sites.

Building Blaster 2 and Demolition City 2 are the finished product regarding free destroying games. They are both excellent puzzle and physics games where you need to place the explosive charges in the correct positions on the building structures in order to send the buildings tumbling down. As you progress through the different stages the building structures will become more advanced and elaborate. Not only will more thought be needed as to where to place the tnt bombs but also how long to set each bomb timer for. Not all levels can be accomplished and buildings flattened by simply synchronising all the bomb explosions. It is essential that you get to grips with the likely impact of setting bomb timers at various times. Good luck with completing the many levels of both block destroying games.

Blosics 1 and 2 offer a different concept for destruction games. Here you must fire one block at many others in order to try clear the platform of all the stacked blocks. You can adjust the speed, power and size of the block before you release it at the others. However the longer you leave the block to build up power, speed and size, the more points you loose before you even try to clear the rest. These two games are very original and a joy to play if you are a physics game fan.

Finally once you have exhausted all the fun from the free flash games we recommend you try out our highest rated title for destroying games - Blockland. Blockland will give you a more lastable and richer destroying experience than the flash games. In Blockland you can literally build any building structure you ever dreamed of. Not really to admire it's shape and design, but to destroy it and to smash it down!

In Blockland destruction is the name of the game and there are plenty of ways in which to destroy buildings and other objects with weapons ranging from tanks and airplanes to bazookas and laser guns. Controlling a little block man you have the ability to create anything you wish and to destroy anything you wish as well. There are countless sub universes and addons created by fans of the game because the game is open source and free for development and extensions. This means the game has evolved into the best destructive game on the internet. Find out more and play Blockland now.