Bejeweled 3 Tips

Mastering the Ins and Outs of Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled is an addictive, popular match-3 game which has it's roots as a web-based flash title. The basic concept revolves around lining up similar colored gems in groups of three or more. That being said, the third installment of this successful IP incorporates variety by introducing more modes which require strategic planning to overcome. So that's why we thought we'd give you the heads up on how to tackle this block shifting beast - here are our top Bejeweled 3 tips.

The game has a total of eight modes. Classic, Zen, Lightning and Quest are all unlocked by default and can be played straightaway. Four more modes, namely Poker, Butterflies, Ice Storm and Diamond Mine can be unlocked by playing the initially available modes.

How to Unlock Other Modes:

  • Poker - Play Classic mode up to level 5
  • Butterflies - Play Zen Mode up to level 5
  • Diamond Mine - Conquer the first eight mini games in Quest mode
  • Ice Storm - Get a total of 100,000 points in Lightning mode

How to Survive Bejeweled 3

In general, the trick to mastering Bejeweled 3 is through practice, Training the eye to immediately see which gems link into combos can be a great asset during timed modes. The best way to practice without having to worry about speed limits is by using the Zen mode. This allows you to play as much as you want without having any requirements to worry about. You can even use Ambient Sounds and other effects to keep you relaxed!

Familiarize yourself with the variety of special gems in order to perform combos easily. Each special gem has a different effect when matched with others, which could help you set up or mess up your board.

Types of Special Gems:

  • Flame Gem - A Flame gem may be formed when four same colored gems are lined up horizontally or vertically. Using it to match with others of the same color will result in an explosion around its area.
  • Star Gem - Like its name, a Star gem looks like a twinkling diamond and is the result of matching two intersecting lines (L-shaped or T-shaped) of same colored gems. Using it with others of the same color will effectively blast gems in its vertical and horizontal path.
  • Hypercube - The most effective at resetting the board, the Hypercube appears when five gems are lined up. This may be swapped with another gem (any color), which will cause everything of the same type to detonate. Matching it up with another Hypercube is also possible, blasting all gems on the board.
  • Supernova Gem - This gem is formed when six same colored gems are lined up. It looks like a Star gem on fire and has double the effects of one, eliminating all the gems lined up with it vertically, horizontally and those immediately beside to them.
  • bejeweled 3 supernova badge
  • Time Gem - Found in Lightning Mode, these gems extend your time by a few seconds, which is dependent on the number displayed on them. However, these precious seconds are not immediately added. It is only at the end of the round when they will be added to your time limit.
  • Bomb Gem - Found in Quest Mode mini games, these types of gems have to be matched with the same colored ones in time to prevent them from exploding (and ending the quest prematurely). The counter counts down every time a move is made.
  • Butterfly- Found in Butterflies as well as select mini games in Quest Mode, these go up one square every turn. In modes where these appear, a spider is found above waiting to gobble up the Butterfly.

Bejeweled 3 Tips to Beat Specific Modes

Classic gives you a straightforward goal -line up same colored gems in sets of three or more to earn points. Earn enough points, represented by the bar on the bottom, in order to reach the next stage. The pitfall of this mode is the dreaded "No More Moves" scenario, which happens too soon for players without much of a strategy.

For beginners, it is worth noting that Hypercubes are worth saving up until the end. Meaning, if nothing is matching up in your board and you have no more moves left, you can use a Hypercube (preferably on the dominant gem color) in order to reset your playing field. With this, you will get a second chance in continuing your game.

Also, there is no shame in using a Hint, especially if you are still starting out. Be aware though that using it will not necessarily point you to the best lineup as opposed to you just searching for one yourself. You may use it often, but remember to use it wisely.

Remember that Classic mode has no time limit. You can spend a bit of time planning your moves ahead in order to make them count. Beginners will probably spend time matching mostly three in a row, but if you want to completely conquer Classic, you are better off matching at least four and utilizing those special gems as long as you are guaranteed to have another move afterwards.

If you are having trouble setting up combinations of different colored gems, then you can opt to leave one color type untouched and use it as a last resort. This may not be the most impressive strategy, but it essentially ensures that you do not go through a "No More Moves" scenario and sets up same colored combos in your favor.

In Lightning mode, you have 60 seconds to form as many combinations as you can. The time limit is extended only by matching Time gems which drop on the board. These gems add precious seconds to the next round; giving you more chances to rack up those points.

The key to the Lightning mode is to match up the gems as quickly as possible. Forget about setting up combos if it involves you staring at the screen for too long and figuring things out. Always remember that the more you line up matches, the chances are higher that a Time gem will drop, extending your game. Even three gems matched up will contribute to conquering this mode. Every little bit counts.

Use special gems as fast as you can. Even though you will probably be mindful of the Time gems and will want to match them first, you will lose time trying to figure out how to line them up properly. The special gems may just explode them for you as collateral damage so use them, and use them fast. Time gems convert into special gems whenever the timer restarts, so don't feel bad about not being able to match all of them.

Watch your Speed Bonus and use it well. That is the number displayed above your score and is increased by matching gems quickly one after the other. Keeping the pace going for a while will earn you Blasting Speed which will turn every matched gem into a Flame gem, decimating gems around it and, in turn, helping collect Time gems.

Again, if you are taking too long to match something, the Hints option is your friend.

Zen is the one mode where you can relax and just enjoy the game with an unlimited amount of time. There are a range of different effects that you can use to promote a calm game play experience, such as the Breathing Modulation option as well as the Ambient Sounds option.

There is really no strategy to playing this mode. Although, it is a great tool in helping you improve your skill in the game due to its endless nature.

Quest mode gives you different types of mini games in order to recover a lost Gem Relic. These mini games are actually incarnations of the other modes which may have an additional requirement like, say, "score n amount of points in 20 moves or less".

bejeweled 3 quest mini games

For example, in mini games such as "Alchemy" you are tasked to convert all squares in the board through matching. Special gems give you the added advantage of getting new pieces to use on top, so remember to set them up to use as quickly and as efficiently as you can on those unconverted spaces.

bejeweled 3 quest

As a general rule, do not be discouraged when you fail the challenges. Due to the number of requirements and combinations of the mini games, a trial and error approach may be required. When things get confusing, just remember to fall back on the basics. As long as you are familiar with how things work, this mode can be the ticket in improving your Bejeweled 3 skills.

In Poker, you will have to produce five cards by matching gems. Every match you make gives you a card with the same color and gem type. After making a set of five cards, you are awarded points depending on the combination you produced. Like its namesake, you are able to employ poker combinations such as "Pair", "Three of a Kind" and "Flush". A skull can appear on any of the combinations and a 50-50 chance (with the use of a Skull Coin) is given if the player ends up with the same hand. The chance of continuing a game after producing a skull combination is attributed to luck. The only way to remove the effects of a skull is by filling up the Skull Eliminator bar through scoring big.

bejeweled 3 poker

Like in real life, Poker mode takes luck and planning. Of course, your moves are very limited because everything you do will produce a card of the same color type. It is better to plan ahead and make sure that you are matching the color you want.

Make those special gems count. Remember that Flame gems and Star gems give you bonus points above the total of your card set. On the other hand, Hypercubes give you a wild card. This wild card can be used to enhance any type of combination so just make sure the other cards are good.

Ice Storm is a timed mode and probably warrants most coverage in our Bejeweled 3 tips. Having said that there isn't much beyond some main pointers we can give you, so here they are.

You will have to form gem matches in order to keep the rising levels of ice columns down. If these pillars do reach the top, you are given a few seconds to make a match in its area in order to bring it down and keep you in the game.

bejeweled 3 ice storm

Keep in mind that vertical matches eliminate the whole column. If you can manage it, a vertical match is always better than a horizontal one because they produce Column Combos if done in rapid succession. Don't go overboard looking for one as horizontal matches can still buy you some time.

Hold out on lining up the gems vertically if there is no ice in its path yet. Just keep it in mind for later when the levels rise so as to keep the panic down to a minimum.

As with Classic mode, Hypercubes are valuable. Use them to get you out of a losing battle and start over your hunt for gem combos.

In Butterflies, you will be tasked in collecting as many butterflies as you can before one is captured by the spider waiting above. After every turn, existing butterflies will move one step up until they are either matched with gems of the same color or eaten by the looming spider.

bejeweled 3 butterflies

This is more of a strategy mode than a timed mode. Being able to tell which nearby gems could align with the existing butterflies and manipulating the board to accomplish the combos would be your best bet. Make every move count to eliminate the chances of butterflies accidentally ending up too high.

Although you are minding the butterflies nearest to the top, do not lose hope when there are no immediate matches. The best way to buy some time is to match gems below them in order to make them go down. That way, not only do the butterflies fall, new gems of the same color have a chance of appearing nearby too.

Special gems have the same effect on the butterflies. Treat them like normal gems and use your time to think things through. Star gems and Flame gems catch all the butterflies caught in their explosion.

Unless you need to use them to desperately save a butterfly on top, use Hypercubes on pieces with the same color as the most number of butterflies.

In Diamond Mine, every match you make goes towards digging the ground for gold, diamonds and other treasure. It is a timed mode and you are given 90 seconds initially. 30 seconds is added when you clear the ground normally and 90 seconds is added when you clear the whole board (which can easily be done by using two Hypercubes).

bejeweled 3 diamond mine

Since the goal is to dig, it would be good to perform three match combos near the ground. Three gem matches above do not count towards clearing the dirt, but you may still go for them if there are no other matches available.

Special gems clear the dirt faster and deeper. It is always to your advantage if you can perform Flame gem combos near the ground, but Star and Supernova gems reach down no matter where you match them.

Hypercubes clear the whole board when matched together. They also give you 90 more seconds so there are no disadvantages to using them when they appear.

Diamond in the Rough

Because Bejeweled 3 also relies on your own specific speed and learning curve, the strategies do not end there. Hopefully with these tips, you will be able to devise some of your own ways of mastering the game. This game was ported to so many platforms for a reason -it is fun and challenging, which is probably why even after so many forms it is still so hard to resist matching those gems. Keep at it and you will be going beyond those top scores in no time. And always remember to have fun.

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