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Smash more gems into pieces and dig your way through exciting new game modes in the third action packed match 3 game by PopCap. New game modes include 'ice tower' which will prove extremely tricky to conquer and gold mine mode where your constantly on the dig for new treasures and high scores!

  • Spectacular effects and visuals
  • Exciting new game modes
  • Tonnes of hours of game play awaits you!
bejeweled 3 game bejeweled 3 download

Bejeweled Three: A Gaming Gem

For those who have never played any of the incarnations of Bejeweled, it is an addicting puzzle game that requires you to match gems. Simple, isn't it? As it turns out, Bejeweled three gives new gamers and veterans alike something to look forward to.

bejeweled 3 combo set up

The charm of the Bejeweled 3 download lies within its core mechanics. You play within an eight-by-eight grid filled with colored gems. Line up similar types in a row or column and you get points. Special gems appear on the board once you match more than three of a kind and these can be used strategically to explode even more gems in their path.

Relying on luck and matching only three gems may serve you well on, say, the first five stages of Classic mode, but you will have to use your wits if you want to conquer modes like Lightning and Quest.

This brings us to one of the best assets of this installment; no matter what type of puzzle gamer you are, Bejeweled 3 has something to offer you. The game has a total of eight modes to choose from. The four you start out with include Classic, Lightning, Zen and Quest. Fulfilling certain requirements in those modes will unlock Poker, Ice Storm, Butterflies and Diamond Mine mode respectively.

Something for Every Puzzle Gamer

Players who love fast paced games may find the regular modes a little too tame. Fortunately, anyone who prefers playing against the clock will particularly enjoy three special modes: Lightning, Ice Storm and Diamond Mine. All three deliver a supreme challenge to the most skillful of players. Bejeweled 3 windows game delivers three sizzling modes...

Lightning mode forces you to scramble for Time gems which give you precious seconds to rack up points. Each time gem obtained adds up to a meter which will instantly refill your timer when it hits zero. This mode ends when the timer runs out and no refills have been set aside - but that is not where the action ends. Lighting gives you a climactic finish, called the Last Hurrah, by exploding any special gems left in the play field - which could earn you a massive amount of points.

"Diamond Mine" is a tribute to Bejeweled's original title when it launched as a web-based Flash game. As the name implies, you are tasked to dig for treasure by clearing gems under the time limit. We have to admit, the experience of blasting the terrain is quite satisfying, especially when matching two Hypercubes for the first time.

Ice Storm on the other hand is one of the more difficult modes in terms of the challenge it provides. Continuously rising ice pillars will require you to bring them down in a fast pace that borders on a panic-level extreme. If a column gets completely frozen, the game will end.

For more help with these modes and more consult our Bejeweled 3 tips article.

Of course, not all modes have been set at break-neck speeds. For a variation on Classic, Zen mode offers you a chance to play to your heart's content using extra settings which aims to relax your "body and mind". Yes, it is called Zen, but the true value of the mode lies in the fact that you can play it endlessly -- particularly useful for those just learning to set up their combos. Everything else is a bit gimmicky.

bejeweled 3 zen

In Bejeweled three, breath modulation without visuals doesn't seem as effective although with the visual cues, it can be quite a distracting. Mantra lines sometimes border on corny ("I have a destiny") and We're still on the fence about the benefits of Binaural Beats. On the other hand, there are a number of Ambient Sounds to choose from which are a welcome addition.

Normally, we would not be so hard on the new Zen mode if PopCap altered some of the default gem animations. Seeing and hearing the same explosions that appear in classic mode takes away from the relaxed theme and ambiance that Zen promises.

For those who are big on strategy (and a bit of luck), Poker could be your next obsession. Clearing gems give you a card of the same type and once you have a hand of five, you are awarded with corresponding points.

Quest is one of the lengthier modes. It consists of 40 puzzles presented in sets of mini games. Each of these presents you with a number of unique requirements such as keeping a balance of red and blue gems or clearing a number of gems in 20 moves or less. The added challenges does give variety to the already impressive number of modes the game has. And also, the nature of the mode forces you to learn how to increase your skill and play the game more effectively.

Our surprise favorite was the Butterflies mode, which sounds silly but is actually a brilliant turn-based strategy puzzle. Every time you make a match, butterflies on the board will flutter up a space. If you fail to match butterflies with the same colored gems before they reach the top, they get eaten by a spider. Then you will be responsible for killing a sparkly butterfly. And you would not want a spider to eat them would you?

Tweaks and Other Thingamabobs

Match-3 game players will be happy to know that the days of waiting for an ever-so-long combo animation to finish is now over. With Bejeweled 3 game download, you can now be in on the action by being able to match gems even while new ones are falling into place. Aside from keeping you on your toes, it also plays into the strategy element of modes where you are pressed for time.

For those who like to keep track of their achievements, this third installment offers a badge system which give you some motivation in beating the challenges. There is even an Instant Replay option which appears whenever you perform combo chains. This allows you to say, bug a friend and show them how unbelievably awesome you are at the game. Or just give you some more time to pat yourself on the back for doing a good job.

bejeweled 3 blaster badge

In terms of the graphics, Bejeweled 3 download looks quite polished. Explosion animations, typefaces and object textures all blend together beautifully. You can really appreciate the background animation while playing on a desktop computer --they are subtle and do not deter from the gem board. Our only problem was that when we tested the game on a netbook, the slowdown was so severe that we had to turn off the background animations. Although Popcap did a superb job with the graphics, the game speed should not have to come down to a crawling pace on a mid-range netbook.

The Verdict:

All in all, Bejeweled 3 loses nothing in terms of its original appeal. With its number of new modes available combined with the few essential tweaks PopCap games made, this title is a stellar example of the match-3 (or four, or more) genre. It is a must-have for old fans who are looking for a challenge and new fans looking to spend countless hours on a seriously addictive game. The new game modes offer plenty of replay value, add in the game's highly addictive play style and you have got a package that is simply hard to beat. Sure, we've had our criticisms about the technical aspects of the game, but that does not take away the fact that Bejeweled 3 is that game that we find ourselves turning on and playing for an hour or two every now and then, and that says a lot about how fun it is. We give this game a sparkly butterfly's 91/100.

Rating: 91%

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