3 Slices Game

Slice & Dice Your Way Through Another Block Puzzler

In a game that takes much inspiration from Splitter and Red Remover, 3 Slices is not a totally new block puzzle concept but it provides enough of a twist to satisfy puzzle fans and keep them coming back for more until all 20 levels are accomplished.

In 3 slices, you literally have 3 goes at slicing your red block to make as much of it disappear off the screen as possible in every round. A certain percentage of the red block must fall off the screen during each round before you can proceed to the next one. On the way you can set up obstacles and slice away at the white blocks as much as you like to aid in your quest. Later on, the rounds will prove to be notoriously tricky! Enjoy the 3 Slices game at Block Game . co today!

We think this a pretty good effort by the Game's Home Page so we thought we'd provide you with a quick text based walkthrough of the game, here it is:

3 Slices: Basic Stage by Stage Walkthrough

The biggest challenge in 3 slice isn't just in solving the stage, but it is in being able to reach the gold rank requirement. This is certainly not an easy task, and figuring out the solutions for each stage can be quite difficult. The developer has already compiled a list of solutions for finishing the basic stages, so here we have compiled solutions for the hardest challenge: getting the gold in the 2 Slice mode.

2 Slice Gold Walkthrough

Stage 1: From a couple of pixels to the right of the upper right corner of the black platform, cut diagonally to the left (go up by about half an inch).

Stage 2: About a quarter of an inch above the upper left corner of the platform, cut towards the upper right corner of the platform slicing through the bottom of all three pillars -if the rightmost white pillar has stopped moving, you can cut it to make it slide to the right further.

Stage 3: Three fourths of an inch from the lower left corner of the red block, cut towards two pixels over the upper left corner of the lower black obstacle on the right. Half an inch above the previous starting point, cut towards two pixels below the lower right corner of the upper black obstacle on the right.

Stage 4: From the lower left corner of the top red block on the left, cut towards the rightmost red block on the top (cut through from corner to the edge). If you do it right, all four boxes on top will slide to the left and one will even topple the lowest block. Now cut from the lower right corner or the lower rightmost red box to the remains of the block on the upper left. This will cause three more boxes and the portion of the remains to slide to the right.

Stage 5: Simply cut away at the white box to make it slide to the left and it will push the red block over.

Stage 6: Cut away a chunk of the top left and right corner of the white box.

Stage 7: Slice the large white box so that a large part of it slides to the right hand side. Then Cut away at the upper right red box, from the lower left hand corner to the right at a very low angle -keep repeating this process (slowly making the angle lower and lower) until you get the right percentage removed.

Stage 8: Cut the red box diagonally from just below the upper right corner, go a little past the part that overhangs from the lower left platform. Then cut from a little to the left of the lower right platform and go straight up. The middle portion of the red should drop down, and the part on the right side should fall over towards the center.

Stage 9: Do a cut from the top of the screen to the bottom, going just a little bit to the left of the center of the upper leftmost and lower leftmost red boxes. This should cause them to split in half and topple on each side. Ideally, two more boxes on the right should be pushed over leaving only two boxes: the upper right box and the leftmost box. Keep on trying until you get this result. Once you get it right, cut diagonally a little bit to the left of the left most platform to the upper right box (cut in the same way that the left box is being sliced). The pieces should fall over (you can also try doing the opposite, do the diagonal cut first then the vertical cut second).

Stage 10: Cut a very low angle from the lower left to the middle right of the top right white box.

Stage 11: Do a vertical cut along the center of the leftmost stack.

Stage 12: Do a vertical (slightly diagonal) cut that hits the area just past the edge of the left platform, and through the left side of the white block. Now cut the right side of the white block to make the center part fall down and push the red block to the bottom of the stage.

Stage 13: Cut from the lower left corner of the left diagonal stack, do a diagonal cut to the upper right -be sure to hit the area to the right of the upper leftmost platform.

Stage: 14: Cut from the lower right corner (just past the right of the lower black square) and half an inch towards the left middle black square above. Then cut a little below the right middle square and an inch towards the right of the top left square.

Stage 15: Cut the upper left white square so that a large chunk of it slides down -this will push the red block to the hole. If the red block does not fall through, use the second cut to cut the right corner, which might get stuck on the black square on the right.

Stage 16: Cut a horizontal line across the two white boxes (make it just below the top of the red box). Now cut a diagonal line from the edge of the platform that the red box is on to a low angle towards the left side. Let the box's momentum push it over the gaps (even if the game prompts you to retry, as long as the box is still in motion, let it move on its own).

Stage 17: Cut a portion of the lower white box to make it slide over to the right. Now cut a large portion of the upper white box to make it fall to the right of the long red block.

Stage 18: Cut the white box so that a part of it slides over to the left hand side (this will create a small ramp). Now make a very small precise cut on the upper corner of the red block to make it fall down.

Stage 19: This one requires a bit of timing: make a cut from the left of the leftmost lowest square to the area just below the middle right square. Now as the block is falling, cut a diagonal line from the left to right through the upper red piece. If you got it correctly, the momentum of the pieces will make them topple down.

Stage 20: Number the black squares from left to right, and top to bottom . Now cut a diagonal line from below square 8 to below square 2. Then quickly cut another diagonal line from below square 5 to below square 3.

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