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blockland game


Build huge skyscrapers, simple or complex structures with loads of different blocks, then smash them down with a whole variety of weapons and vehicles in this online multiplayer block busting game. Blockland is an evervolving physics game that will completely satisfy both your creative and destructive needs!

trinklit supreme game

Trinklit Supreme

A tetris style block adventure with quite a twist, Trinklit Supreme is not one of your ordinary falling block games. As you venture through and complete different challenges you unlock new levels and power ups leading to the ability to create your own exciting levels in a game that is being compared to Bejeweled 2 Deluxe and Peggle for exciting game play and block busting fun!

sticky blocks

Sticky Blocks

Sticky Blocks is one of most original 2d puzzle games where you must attach other blocks to your controlling one and dump them in the exit points. Wind your way through 50 levels of puzzle block mazes and achieve gold stars to become the ultimate sticky block champion!

wake up the box 2

Wake Up The Box 2: Office Edition

The box is back in with 30 brand new levels in this popular physics game, with plenty more snoozing its time to wake that lazy box up by dropping him off his wall. Funny levels include hammering the box off a platform attached by staples and creating a contraption that crawls along to slowly edge the box off his platform.

building blaster 2

Building Blaster 2

Blast your way through 50 levels of wobbly structures in this physics title of blasting, smashing and blowing up buildings. With even greater sound effects and some neat additional challenges including safe guarding the general public, Building Blaster 2 is the game to beat for the physics destruction games.

red remover players pack

Red Remover Player Pack

Who thought removing blocks from a bunch of others could be so much fun? In this extension to red remover you can play levels created by other fans of the game! Red Remover Players Pack features 40 levels of fun where the aim is to remove all the red blocks from the screen without taking out the smiley green ones, Physics games at their best!

free puzzle bubble game

Puzzle Bubble

One of the best classic block shooters that has been around since the early nineties is Puzzle Bobble or 'Puzzle Bubble' as it is sometimes referred to. Here you control two dragons and a canon. You must shoot coloured gems up at a falling ceiling of other gems in an attempt to clear them all. Clear the stacks of gems before they land on top of your dragons! This particular game is a pixel perfect remake of the arcade version.